Leisure Physical Therapy offers a wide range of physical therapy services. After a full evaluation, a custom program is developed based on your specific needs. We provide high-quality treatment in a friendly, family atmosphere.

We offer specific, beneficial physical therapy programs for the following conditions:

➲ Vestibular/Vertigo/Balance Disorders (Certified)

➲ Custom Foot Orthotics

➲ Parkinson's Disease (Certified LSVT Global Big and Loud)

➲ Hand splinting

➲ Concussion (Certified)

➲ Home Care

➲ Hand Therapy (Certified hand therapist)

➲ Orthopedic Injuries

Some of the techniques we use in treatment include:

➲ Computerized Balance Assessment

➲ Ultrasound

➲ Joint Mobilization

➲ Electrical Stimulation

➲ Massage

➲ GAIT Testing

➲ Stretching

➲ Cold Laser Therapy

➲ Therapeutic Exercise

➲ Kinesio Taping

Some of the conditions we treat:

➲ Orthopedic Injuries

➲ Low Back/Neck Pain

➲ Neurological Rehabilitation

➲ Shoulder Problems/Rotator Cuff Injuries

➲ Temperomandibular Disorders (TMD)

➲ Wrist/Hand Problems

➲ Knee, foot, ankle and hip problems

➲ Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

➲ Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

➲ GAIT Testing and Training

➲ Stroke/CVA

➲ Balance Testing and Training

➲ Advanced Manual Therapy

➲ Sports Injuries

➲ Home Care